Tucson Parrot Rescue
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It's not only fine feathers that make fine birds..
Welcome to Tucson Parrot Rescue
The Tucson Parrot Rescue mission is to rescue parrots in need of new homes, no matter the reason, and to improve the lives of companion birds. One of our main goals is to increase individuals' knowledge of what to expect from parrots and how to care for them properly.  

We also assist in reuniting lost birds with their families, help birds with issues so birds may remain in their homes and arrange adoption of unwanted birds into caring homes with educated caregivers.  

Parrots high level of intelligence, their long lifespans, and their innate wild nature make their needs greater than most people can meet.  
We offer a personalized education program, which is held in your home.  Each class is an individual based course, which includes general care, nutrition, proper housing, well being of each bird, health, and household hazards.