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Fostering for Tucson Parrot Rescue
Many birds come with their own cages, toys, and other "birdy furniture," but Tucson Parrot Rescue also has a resource of donated cages and perches that volunteers can use temporarily. During the foster period the volunteer caring for the bird is responsible for providing a proper diet & toys. Those providing foster care observe the bird's behavior, diet, housing, interaction with other people and animals. Does the bird like music, are they afraid of hands, what is the preferred night time routine, likes a lot of commotion or a quieter environment? These are some of the many questions that foster care volunteers find the answers to. Foster care is a very important part of Tucson Parrot Rescue.  Since we do not have a facility to hold birds, we depend on our foster homes, if they cannot stay in their current home until adoption.  

All foster care volunteers must take a Parrot Care class before fostering a bird.  We can always use more foster homes.  If you have other birds and can open up your home to caring for another until they find a home contact us.  If you are not sure you want to make a lifelong commitment or can't (here temporarily) or want to see if you would like to have a parrot(s) in your life, fostering can be a helpful tool to give you that answer. 

If you would like to become a foster care volunteer or would like more information, please call us at 520-747-0554.

Tucson Parrot Rescue foster/adoption application.