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Adopting from Tucson Parrot Rescue
Our primary purpose is finding loving new homes for rescued birds. And we do everything that we can to ensure the safety and well being of our birds.   We do require a class and home visit before adoption.  

We must emphasize that, we find people for birds, not birds for people; our first concern is the welfare of our rescued birds.  

If you are not in Arizona, you can find a rescue/adoption organization that is closer to you on our links page, which lists dozens of rescue/adoption organizations throughout the country.

Our adoption process starts with the Parrot Care class. This will let you know what is involved in adopting a Tucson Parrot Rescue bird, and how to properly care for a bird. Your living situation as well as your avian experience will help us match a parrot to you.

The fee for the in-home Parrot Care class is $50 per family, there may be a mileage fee if you are outside the Tucson area.   Once the class and home visit is complete help is available 24/7 for any questions, concerns, issues with your birds. 

Adoption Fees range from $25.00 to $800.00+.

​You can view the available birds on our Petfinder.com listing. We never know what birds may become available day by day, so if you're looking for a particular bird it can take some time. The listing is updated to be current.

If you wish to begin the application process, please call us at 520-747-0554, fill out the application and email it to tucsonparrotrescue@gmail.com.  We find good homes for many birds every year, and usually have 10 to 15 birds available for adoption at any given time, ranging from tiny lovebirds, budgies and cockatiels to majestic amazons, macaws and cockatoos.

Thank you for considering giving a home to a bird who really needs it.

​Tucson Parrot Rescue adoption application.