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Lost and Found Birds

This page is for anyone in Arizona who has lost or found a parrot. We will try hard to help you either reunite with your bird or to find the owner of the one(s) you have found. Please e-mail us at tucsonparrotrescue@gmail.com with details on any lost or found birds.  

If you've lost a bird we'd urge you to do several things, besides contacting us: 1) Walk around your neighborhood—lost birds generally don't go very far; 2) Place an ad in the classifieds in the Arizona Daily Star (or your local daily paper if you're not in the Tucson metro area) as well as on craigslist.org (under "pets" and "lost and found" in their "community" section); 3) Check the ads in those places every day; 4) Put up flyers around your neighborhood; 5) Call the Humane Society to make a report as well as near by petstores & veterinarians; 6) Go door to door asking about your bird; 7) Don't give up — you have at least a fair chance of finding your bird if you do all of these things. Especially go out looking around dawn and dusk.

​Links: If you find native wild baby or injured birds or wildlife here is Tucson info:

NW Wildlife Rescue 520-743-0217 Small birds & animals only.

Tucson Wildlife Center www.tucsonwildlife.com 520.290.9453 (WILD) - available 24/7