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Household Hazards for Birds
There can be many hazards in homes for birds so your home needs to be more than childproofed. ​

Windows, doors, and skylights
Just like outside birds that may hit your windows since they don't understand glass, your inside birds may fly into them.  Drapes, blinds, shades help the situation.  Be sure screens are strong and secure. 

All Fans should be OFF when your bird is out of its' cage.

Electrical and other cords
You don't want them to have access to any cords or cables.

You should not have your bird out of the cage while you are cooking.  No nonstick cookware or other appliances should be in the home (rice cookers, waffle irons, bake ware) since many birds have died from these odorless toxic fumes.  Don't use oven cleaners or the self-cleaning option on your stove.

Aerosol hairspray, deodorants, air fresheners are all toxic to birds.  Unscented products should be used.  Be sure hair curling appliances are not Teflon coated. 

Laundry room 
Use unscented products.  Check your iron and ironing board cover for nonstick surfaces also.

Smoke and fumes
Smoke from cigars, cigarettes, marijuana is toxic to birds.  Perfumes, scented candles, potpourri, essential oils, fabreeze are all toxic to birds.