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About Tucson Parrot Rescue
Tucson Parrot Rescue provides public education on the care and behavior of exotic birds, and takes in unwanted parrots from all parts of the Southwest. We place these birds in safe, loving environments with knowledgeable care givers.

One of Tucson Parrot Recsue's main goals is to increase individuals’ knowledge of what to expect from parrots and how to care for them properly. Parrots' high level of intelligence, their long lifespans, and their innate wild nature make their needs greater than most people can meet.

Our primary educational program is an in-home visit and educational course which provide "basic training" for prospective adopters.  This course is created on an individual basis.  Please contact TPR to get more information on the in-home training.  Once the class and home visit is complete help is available 24/7 for any questions, concerns, issues with your birds.

Tucson Parrot Rescue does not have a facility.  Instead birds are fostered in private homes, or kept in their original homes until a new home is found which causes less disruption in their lives.

Tucson Parrot Rescue is looking for people and their birds who would be interested in doing outings and events, so we can share knowledge about parrots with others.  

Tucson Parrot Rescue interviews all prospective adopters and also requires a class and home visit prior to adoption. Lifestyle, space, and available time to spend with the bird are important considerations, as are the potential adopters expectations of a parrot. 

Most Tucson Parrot Rescue birds come with an appropriate cage.  We may also have some gently used cages for sale. 

Regardless, there are no free birds. There is an adoption fee ranging from $25.00 - $400.00.  Then there are the costs of toys, food, new perches, play stands, cages, and vet visits. Tucson Parrot Rescue encourages everyone to consider this before acquiring a bird.