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Cages and Perches
Cages should be safe and appropriately sized.  Wider is better than tall.  Birds should be able to spread their wings without touching the sides and at least twice that size is better.  Bar spacing should also be appropriately sized.  Well made stainless steel or powder coated steel are best.  Birds can get zinc poisoning from galvanized cages and wire.  

Choose domes or flat tops, no round cages.   

Only use newspaper to line the cage tray.

Birds also enjoy bird trees or play-stands for time out of the cage. 

​Perches should be tree branches: grapevines, mesquite, citrus, eucalyptus, manzanita, ribbon wood or bottle brush.

www.birdcages4less.com  Decent cages, frequent sales, free shipping, located in Phoenix.

A&E-  An economy cage but they also do make stainless steel cages (quality may not be as good as others though, but then of course you are paying less.)

Animal Environments - 
I prefer their stainless steel over their powder coated, but would suggest having it made and weld together rather than using their pins (unless they have improved the quality of those Lexan pins, they break easily).  A con would be their proprietary feeding dishes and unless they changed the design the whole cage can be lifted and removed by your bird.  A plus the front door latch (my Moluccan has never opened it!).

Avian Adventures-  
A slightly higher quality cage. 

Bird Cages Now- 
They're offering a $5.00 discount on any cage purchase.

Cages By Design- 
​I don't care for these "furniture-style" cages especially in Arizona. I don't feel there is enough air movement, plus birds like to move around using the bars of their cages. I also don't know how safe the finishes on the wood would be for the birds. Pricey also.

Expandable Habitats - 
I saw one of these recently and did not like the style at all, just using all bars and no square metal seems weak, the door and feeder latches were just a loop.  I do however like their Toy Hangers, very useful for locking doors and feeder doors for escape artists.

Featherland - 
OK stainless steel, different design. I don't think you can lock the bowls in place and the exterior feeding stations are additional. Not sure about that unfolding style and if it would be harder to clean the way the side panels are made.

Freedom Cage - 
I have not seen any of these in person but they seem to be a high quality, you get what you pay for.

HQ / Laviva - 
An economy cage

King's - 
I have an older SS cage and it is quite well made, very good latch on door (my Umbrella has never opened it).  They also have aluminum cages though they do not come in larger sizes.  

​Northwest Cages -
I have not seen one but they look very high quality on their website, expensive.

Prevue Hendryx -
Cheap bird cages, you get what you pay for.

YML Cages -
Cheap bird cages, probably best to stay away from the larger ones.

​Sometimes you can find used older cages that were made better than those today, especially from California cage company, Island, Neon.  If their powder coating is peeling you can get them sandblasted and re-coated though that is pricey, but you may still end up with a stranger cage with thicker wire gauge, safer for your large birds.  For many macaws and larger cockatoos stainless steel is best so they don't chip off the paint.  Avoid cages most of the time at birds marts, cheap but unsafe cages are usually sold.  

Tall, not wide, wood can be chewed and who knows if it has an unsafe finish on it.
Round is bad, toe catcher bars, to small, probably toxic paint. 
Really to small
Homemade with wood they can chew, galvanized wire (zinc poisoning), door small for cage. 
This is for decoration, plants or a fake bird ONLY!!!!!
Too small, birds don't like round cages, toe catcher bars, probably toxic paint, no tray or grate.
A handmade, though thicker bars, no feeding areas & front door way too small for access, not on wheels, probably toxic paint.
Toe & head catcher bars, too small, no place for bowls, toys, etc, round, rust, toxic paint.

Although larger still has ornate bars that can catch bird's head, feet.​
Animal Environments
Cages by Design
Avian Adventures
Kings Cages 
DON'T use these types of cages!!!